Front cover of book entitled My Dead True Love

By Kim Pierce

My Dead True Love

Based on a true story

When a newspaper reporter’s fiancé dies abruptly, she questions how he could just cease to be.

Dogged by unbidden thoughts, odd coincidences and unexplained phenomena, Ann Stewart becomes obsessed with finding out what really happens after we die and whether her beloved Gregory is still out there. She finds her answer, which takes her and a close-knit coterie of women to the edge of the cosmos—and the core of their own hearts.

Available in paperback and ebook.


Kim Pierce

Kim Pierce is a former Dallas Morning News writer and editor who completed the Writer’s Path fiction program at Southern Methodist University. This is her first novel, inspired by events surrounding the death of her fiancé in 1998. She lives in Dallas, Texas, with her partner and three cats.


Portrait photo of author Kim Pierce

“My Dead True Love is a captivating and inspirational story about love, grief and healing that touches your soul in ways you didn’t know were possible.”

— Oliver Tappe, author of (UN)SICHTBAR (IN)VISIBLE, and Monroe Institute Outreach Trainer


“You took me on a journey, and I didn’t see the end coming. … I loved it.”

— Robin Craver, Reiki Master, Medium


“Absorbing and thought provoking.”

— Sophia Dembling, author of “Widow’s Walk” Psychology Today blog


“What a masterpiece you created. I couldn’t put it down. Laughter, tears and just an incredible journey!”

— Holly Grundman Chance


“Big congrats from England…. Blown away actually, such beautiful images of somewhere over the rainbow…. Can’t stop thinking about it. A truly extraordinary piece of writing.”

— Marc Millon

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